Monday, June 27, 2011

CR48 Security and Storage

I have been working towards Cloud Computing for several years. I started with 200gb of storage from Google for $50 per year. Since I have reduced to 50gb. File storage with Docs has been constantly improving. When I started, there were no PDF viewers, file types were limited for viewing online. I started viewing Office 2007 files from workstations without the MS Office version loaded so that I would not have to use converters to 2003.
Now I can upload folders and their content.
Security is a concern. I use 2-Step Authorization. I do encrypt some files. I do back-up some files to home storage. For the rest, I am fine with cloud storage security. I have never lost a file.
I have been using my Cr48 since December 14, 2010. The file manager is constantly evolving. When I first started, navigation to external storage was not possible without a workaround that had not been found yet. I found out how to move files from external storage to local storage so they could be viewed online.
Much of the concern about the feasibility of using the CR48 is valid. Now, the CR48 is not a viable solution for use as a workstation. It is good for web applications such as social applications, and of course the entire suite of Google applications.
Most of the reviewers of the CR48 compare it's features as they are related to their own mobile computing use. These opinions really are not useful for most of the current laptop owners that walk into BestBuy.
I welcome any computing application that does not need a registry change.