Thursday, April 8, 2010

What is good today?

It is April 2010. Thursday.
What's good today? Today Tina Fey is good. She has been good for a while now. Would not mind knowing how good. The country, United States of America has recovered from the blast at the end of 2008. Smart phones are available for the proletariat. I have one. After dropping it about twenty times, now I have a cracked screen. I taped plastic over it and ordered a new "SPRINT HTC HERO OEM TOUCH SCREEN DIGITIZER LENS COVER + TOOLS (CDMA)." 62.99 from Hong Kong. I remember... stop. I should never say, "I remember..." In the 60's, In the last century, Hong Kong was a part of the Commonwealth. Hong Kong was not part of everyone's wealth but there was mucho stuff "Made in Hong Kong." Later it was " Made in Taiwan." Later mucho stuff was "Made in Korea." Later it was made in other places, Shirts from Guatemala, Pakistan. And... Cars Hecho en Mexico, Volkswagen Beetles and Jettas. I have VW from Germany. Good Car. The internets are good today. Jobs are good today. If you have a job, jobs are good today. When I did not have a job jobs were not good that day. I spent my 401K on my mortgage and Cobra. I am still paying for my mortgage and Cobra insurance and tax penalties for my early withdrawal.