Saturday, August 22, 2009

Free Application for Federal Student Aid

We had a good week at work this week. We did a lot.
On the way home I pass the Sunflower Market and since no one would be cooking at home, I shopped.
One five-pack of fresh corn, cropped and mostly shucked.
Two half-gallons of house orange juice, from concentrate.
Two green bell peppers.
One half-gallon of Silk soy milk, unsweetened. (I like the way soy milk tasted before sugar was invented.)
One mesh sack of small oranges, Cuties or Mandarin.
Some yogurt.
The beef sirloins, New York Strip cut, were on special. I passed. Next week.
This day I conversed with the young lady on her way out after a ten hour at the butcher counter. She said "hi how ya doin" or something like that. She always acknowledges and greets. She is working forty hours a week and going to school at Metropolitan State College of Denver. I asked if she is getting any of the new federal assistance available? She indicated that she is getting some help and would check to see if more is now available. Word is that enrollment is up over 40% at Metro. I am sure the new grants and the economy pop contribute to the increase.
Now is a good time to go to school if you are not working as income is a qualifier. The less you can afford to pay tuition, the more you qualify for assistance. I am going to apply for assistance. I have applied for a new FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) PIN. Because I have not used my PIN in the last 18 months my PIN has been deactivated.
Cris , my favorite checker had the shortest line. I hadn't seen Cris at the store in quite some time. He says to me, "how ya doin, I haven't seen you in a long time" or something like that. I reply, "Yeah! Have you been on vacation?"
No, Cris has recently recovered from a hernia repair. I've been there, twice!