Monday, September 7, 2009

Free Application for Federal Student Aid - Update

I applied for my new FAFSA PIN on Saturday August and received it on the next working day Monday 22nd.
I Returned to the FAFSA website armed with my new PIN, I selected a school and applied for assistance. My application was accepted and confirmed. Following is from my confirmation email.

Confirmation number:F XXXXXss## BR 08/24/2009 20:02:58 Data Release Number (DRN):####

Estimated Expected Family Contribution (EFC) = x Dollar Amount

The EFC is an index that schools use to determine your eligibility and is not the amount of money that you have to pay.

Based on your EFC of x Dollar Amount you appear to be eligible to receive the following:

Low-interest federal student loans. The amount of these loans depends on, among other things, your year in college, the cost of attendance at your school, and what other student aid you will be receiving.
You may also be eligible to receive other federal, state, or institutional grants, scholarships, and/or work-study.

One day later I received my FAFSA Results.
My 2009-2010 Student Aid Report or SAR was also sent to my school of choice.

Arapahoe Community Collegee sent a letter that I got on Saturday stating that, My financial aid will be determined after I am admitted as a student.

I will register for the Spring semester.